ūüć∑ Wine & NINE!

The next Wine & NINE will be held in Arlington (please email DeeAnn @ djkjeremiah1@gmail.com for details and reservations) on Thursday, October 26, 2023. Enjoy a happy hour wine and cheese while learning about the Enneagram, a fascinating assessment tool that describes NINE personality types with astonishing clarity.

Laugh and learn as you explore this popular and historic resource that opens up the "whys" of our human experience. Self-awareness and empathy come easily as we enjoy a friendly atmosphere with no judgment.

DeeAnn makes it both fun and informative. $20 registration includes wine, snacks, presentation AND a copy of DeeAnn's book Imagine (Venmo, cash, and credit cards all accepted at event). Come learn in a relaxing environment. Bring a friend or come to make more!

Limited Availability. Only 15 spots available.

*** Plan a private event for your small group of friends / family or community group. Please email DeeAnn at djkjeremiah1@gmail.com to schedule one! ***