Life Coaching
for Transformational Growth
& Renewed Purpose

For individuals, couples & teams

Do you tend to stumble over the same obstacles while trying to achieve your goals?

Is communication in your home, office, or other environments toxic and unproductive?

Do you have trouble moving forward at all, feeling like you live without purpose?

Stop wasting time repeating unhelpful patterns of behavior.

Access the skills, strengths, and gifts within you.

Understand the blind spots and stressors that hold you back from success.

Communicate with empathy so you can accomplish more with less distress. 

Create a team atmosphere filled with compassion, understanding and productivity.

I understand how it feels to work hard and do all the right things, but not move forward in life. 
It was not until I got into the depths of my own personality and paired my story with my passions that I began to move toward freedom and understanding about who I’m called to be.

The Enneagram and its wisdom along with soul work and truth was the game-changer for me. I can help you and your team move forward too.

More About DeeAnn's Story

A heartfelt thanks from me and my entire team. Your talk was so enlightening, we continued to discuss these topics for the rest of the weekend. Your energy, enthusiasm and insights are truly appreciated.

Team Leader / Executive Planner

An International Cyber Security Team

“The Enneagram as DeeAnn explained it brought "Aha" moments to our close-knit group. She brought understanding between us in new and helpful ways."



“…my favorite hour of the week! To be understood and cared for compassionately and confidentially was just the balm I needed to move forward with better understanding.“



“DeeAnn was, wonderful, powerful. We were blessed to have her."


Co-Founder of Non-Profit, A Place to Be

“DeeAnn presented to our staff making the Enneagram accessible, interesting and enjoyable for all to experience. With a good balance of stories and personal experiences, she gave our team a great introduction to move forward as they now choose.”


Co-Founder of Non-Profit, A Place to Be

We had a great time during our team meeting with DeeAnn. None of us were really familiar with the Enneagram and it was great to understand how many of us with the same number type still viewed things differently. Many other personality types focus on the “You” but this really integrated your traits and how they could work together on a team knowing the other person’s type. Great team building and well done.


Manager at
‍Medical Diagnostics
Florida & Puerto Rico

"...After completing 5 sessions with a trained, knowledgeable, and client-focused coach, the Enneagram is the most comprehensive, "eye-opening" tool I have used. Going through it with someone was the game-changer.

DeeAnn Jeremiah's thoughtful process helped me to see the genius of this program is more about understanding the WHY of my feelings, actions, and behaviors, and HOW I can empower my future with wise, healthy choices ...  My new lens sees with greater clarity and love because of DeeAnn's exceptional coaching! My heart is filled with gratitude!"


West Virginia

"DeeAnn's knowledge, experience, and compassionate teaching have been instrumental in helping me understand my strengths, weaknesses, and a path forward."



DeeAnn is so gifted and insightful. Recognizing my strengths and weaknesses through the enneagram has provided such valuable tools. I’ll use this information for the rest of my life. DeeAnn is a treasure.



“DeeAnn's presentation was fun! We learned and laughed.



"DeeAnn's teachings have changed my life!"



"We feel so hopeful and are communicating so well. Looking forward to our future together!"



"DeeAnn's guidance in coaching was truly an eye-opening experience. Her knowledge of God and compassion for others is uplifting and a true gift she shares with others.  She taught me how to self-reflect and to be happy with who I am. Life may not always go the way we plan; DeeAnn showed me how to navigate the bumpy road, to find the positive strength that lies within us and use it as our light to move forward."



“We visited DeeAnn as a couple, interested in refocusing and deepening our connection to each other after 20 years of marriage. The work we did with DeeAnn and the Enneagram was thought provoking and gave us a renewed sense of commitment and compassion for each other and our relationship as a couple, as well as a family. We are so grateful to have met DeeAnn. She is an amazing life coach and person!”



What is the Enneagram?

What is the Enneagram, you may wonder? It is “Ennea” which means “Nine” and “Gram” which means “Diagram”.

It is an ancient symbol that has developed into an amazing personality assessment that highlights nine separate types with astonishing clarity.

Each type has an amazing superpower, something unique they bring to the world. Additionally, each type struggles with particular blind spots and stressors. The Enneagram describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways.

It is all based on core motivations, both core fears and core desires. Learning about all the types in your world opens up a whole new perspective of empathy and a resource for healing relationships.

It’s like having a personal GPS – you name the destination and together we will explore the rumble strips, the potholes, and navigate the best way forward. We will also discuss how to handle other drivers on the road of life. There are layers of wisdom and insight, which is why I love using this resource for life coaching.
Principled Reformer
Nurturing Supporter
Admirable Achiever
Introspective Individualist
Analytical Investigator
Faithful Guardian
Enthusiastic Optimist
Passionate Protector
Peaceful Accommodator

Let's Dive In

For Individuals


Schedule a Free Consultation

You’ll meet with DeeAnn via Zoom to decide if your needs and her skills are a match.

She’ll briefly describe the basics of the Enneagram as a powerful emotional and spiritual resource to move you forward towards your goals and dreams.


Get a Personalized
Typing Session

After a brief assessment, you’ll get a 90-minute personalized session to discover your Enneagram type.

You’ll gain clarity as you begin to understand all the other personality types and perspectives.


Invest in a
5-session  Bundle

In 5 separate sessions, you’ll dive deep into your amazing superpowers, your blind spots and side-tracking soul suckers. Buy the bundle and get your typing session included!

The hour-long sessions include helpful guide sheets, personalized questions, and encouraging steps to bloom and flourish.

For Groups


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You’ll meet with DeeAnn to discuss your team’s needs, dreams and goals to assess if her business background and skills are a good fit for your group.

You can expect that your team’s event will not be another hum-drum business meeting.


Book a Webinar or Interactive Group Event for Your Team

Either in-person or via Zoom, your team will learn transformative tools that promote efficiency, improve communication, and increase morale.

Fun activities pinpoint your team’s strengths and crush patterns of inefficiency. Varying presentation lengths are customized for your team’s needs.

Pricing Details

For Individuals

Typing Session - $150
A 90-minute personalized Enneagram typing session that helps you nail down your specific type, wing, and subtype. 
60-Minute Sessions - $200
‍Up to 5 sessions that include detailed guide sheets, thoughtful questions, and exercises for maximum understanding of your way forward. 
Best Value Bundle - $900
Get both the typing session and five specialized sessions for just $900.

Can be paid in two payments.

For Groups

Couples - $1500
Get two individual typing sessions, then 5 sessions together as a couple. Discover the triggers that keep you in a loop. Find self-awareness and empathy, a real path forward in health.

You’ll receive an introductory overview session on the Enneagram and a bundle of five 90-minute sessions that include guide sheets with thoughtful exercises and discussion prompts.  
Groups or Teams - Price Varies
Call to discuss your team needs and scope of work.

Half-day and full-day sessions are available. 
Team Retreats - Price Varies
Call to discuss your team or ministry needs and scope of work.

For corporate settings and small leadership teams, typing sessions must be completed beforehand.

Travel and accommodation expenses are additional. 
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Deep Dive

My Perspective
As a Life Coach, I understand that humans tend to have big dreams, great aspirations, and limitless hope. 

But most of us keep tripping on the same hang-ups time after time. Whether we procrastinate, get stressed and shut down, or battle an inner committee of fearful, “what if” voices, there is familiarity to our difficulties - a pattern to the madness.

You overcome one obstacle only to have another with a similar feel show up to derail you. I understand and empathize with being human! That’s where the beauty of the Enneagram shows up. 
The Process‍
After a proper welcome and questionnaire, I will walk you through your Enneagram typing session. I’ll ask questions and take a deep dive inventory of YOU! Then, in five, hour long sessions, you’ll learn about your motives, driving forces, trip wires of stress, and growth patterns to strive towards.

Coaching with me can get you on your way to seeking that new job, or overcoming a weight challenge, or getting better habits, or attaining other goals. The Enneagram provides a framework of understanding.

I will lead you through the particularities and nuances, step by step. Just imagine living life to the full – with purpose! I might be just the right coach to help you get there. 
Teams Benefit Too
If your leadership team continually battle over the same beefs, give me a call for a free consultation or a general presentation. The how-tos of true empathy paired with understanding of self is the game-changer. Better relationships on a staff with true empathy make for better productivity, a pleasant workday and a better bottom line.
"It's too much."
How much money have you wasted on books, self-help podcasts, white boards, and planners?

Are you a manager who’s spent thousands on consultants only to leave your team with nothing more than hype and a prayer?

Getting it right is worth the investment. 
"It'll take too long."
Clients tell me these are their favorite and fastest hours of the week! There is laughter. There are tears. There is success!

In as little as five lunch breaks, you can experience life transformation.
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